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Decimal to Hex App

Our decimal to hex app is both, easy to install and absolutely free. It is a PWA and works with the latest version of Chrome and Edge, for example.

Firefox currently does not support PWA (Progressive Web App) technology.

According to the web.dev, referenced in the last section of this page, Progressive Web Apps are “websites that took all the right vitamins“, providing an “app-like user experience”.

Install Decimal to Hex App

By the way: We have opted out of push-notifications in our app, so decimaltohex.com will never nag you with that kind of pop-up messages.

Once installed, you can find the app labelled as Decimal ⇄ Hex on the home screen of your mobile device, or, for instance, in the start menu of your Windows 10 installation.

Having the app installed is like the good old bookmark, and in addition allows you to access our content faster.

We hope our Dec ⇄ Hex converter will be useful to you.

In most cases, opting for the shortcut install by means of clicking the image or the link is recommended.

Those who would like to know more details read on.

Decimal to Hex App Install

Here we explain the two methods used to install Progressive Web Apps.

Install by Invitation

The easiest way to install our app is by clicking the invitation message at the bottom of mobile devices once they appear,


by clicking the install icon on the right side of your browser’s address bar in case of desktop computers and tablets.

The problem is that these notifications can easily be overlooked, or that they were closed.

In this case proceed as outline below.

Manual Install

It is assumed that your browser supports PWAs.

Click our install link, then hit the Install button. It’s very easy and won’t take long – promised.

Should you ever want to uninstall our application proceed as outlined in the next section.

Decimal to Hex App Uninstall

Chrome users start the app, the select Uninstall … from the 3 dot vertical menu.

Edge user enter edge://apps/ in the Edge address bar.

The app launcher tab in the top left corner also works in both browser versions.


If you click the install button repeatedly, and nothing ever happens, then your browser does not support the decimal to hex app, or it is already installed.

In all other cases get in touch using the comment form at the bottom of this page.

Further Information

Our app is absolutely free. In addition, there are no notification pop-ups in your browser.

Here you can learn more about the technology and its benefits for people like you.

Thanks for visiting decimaltohex.com.